Cadence Use Rate Hypothesis – The lower the number, the more often a rapper varies his or her flow. The styles with the lowest Cadence Use Rates will be old-school Sugarhill-style rappers who stuck in extra words where they needed them; new-school Rakim-style rappers who rapped in couplets but varied their flow; and Southern percussion-effusive rappers like Outkast, who focus on odd rhythmic structures. Conversely, the styles with the highest Cadence Use Rates (i.e. using the same rhythmic patterns a lot) will be Run-D.M.C. and Beastie Boys-style rappers, who boil their words down to one simple nearly-sung flow; ultra-complex language-effusive Nas-style rappers, who pack in the max number of syllables and thus limit their ability to vary rhythm; and maybe Eminem? It depends on the Eminem song.
“Follow the Leader”


Cadence Use Rate – how often, on average, a rapper uses each bar-length rhythmic pattern in a particular verse or song.
“Follow the Leader” = 2.38

Core Cadence – a rhythmic pattern, probably used more than others in the song, which a rapper’s other cadences reference and develop
“Follow the Leader”

Syncopation – the application of rhythmic stress to a syllable where it wouldn’t normally occur, usually accomplished by neglecting to articulate as expected one or both of the surrounding beats.
“Follow the Leader”, “Quiet Dog (Bite Hard)”


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